Our Story

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Veronika Kolin started college.

Overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of reading assignments, she eagerly began to source the most efficient reading assistant, learning app, or software. Unable to find the tool she needed, Veronika dropped out of school to take it upon herself to create a viable reading solution for the millions of students who are also flooded by the inefficient and antiquated reading experience.

After spending three years researching the fields of cognitive science and pedagogical theories, Veronika applied what she learned to her expertise in emerging machine learning and NLP technologies. She was on a mission to make learning easier and more efficient for all.


Everything came together when she met Roee.

Roee brought the business background to the table as an executive working in the tech industry for almost a decade. As an avid reader, and a former law school student, Roee immediately fell in love with the mission of making reading more effective for everyone: Students, lawyers, doctors, analysts, researchers and more. The rest was history.

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Our company was founded by lifelong learners who understand how hard it is to absorb and retain countless readings. We know that reading is a mission-critical skill for so many people in the world – and we are here to build a better way to read and learn.

Our platform

At Erudite, we believe there’s a better way to read We’re on a mission to create a revolutionary online reading experience, harnessing the power of AI and cognitive science to make reading easy, and much more efficient.

With Erudite, students and lifelong learners alike can transform content into an interactive reading experience designed to increase comprehension and retention. Our platform is built on insights from cognitive science about how humans learn best, so you’ll get your reading done quicker, retain information longer, and actually have fun doing it.

From our Beta with basic learning elements to our full, live, robust product, we have fully baked these proven learning methods into our product.

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The Science Behind Erudite

We hope you’ll join us on our journey to revolutionize reading!

We’re still in beta, which means the best has yet to come. We’re extremely excited to continue to receive valuable feedback from our users, improve our platform, and add new features.

Our Values

Everything we do at Erudite encourages curiosity, embraces exploration, and motivates people to keep going — at whatever pace works best for them. Here are the values that collectively guide our decisions and actions:


Empower learners and obsess over learning


Respond and lead with integrity


Understand one another and cultivate a family-like culture


Default to transparency and candor


Improve ruthlessly and focus on excellence


Take full accountability for our actions, and hold each other accountable


Embrace curiosity and creative problem solving

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Our Culture

At Erudite we believe in meaning, destiny and impact. We are a people for people company with a vision to create a world of empowered lifelong learners.

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Join us on our ambitious journey to help people improve their learning by reading.

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